Private Sector Solutions

Adapting proven, private-sector supply chain practices to local environments.

To create high-performing supply chains, the project introduced innovative solutions and adapted proven, private-sector supply chain techniques to local environments. The project implemented vendor-managed inventory supply chain systems in several countries, developed analysis tools for measuring supply chain costs, and incorporated private-sector services into public health supply chains for significant cost savings.

In Zimbabwe, the project used commercial-sector vendor-managed inventory (VMI) principles to routinely deliver supplies to all 1,300+ public sector health facilities. Delivery trucks visited facilities directly to top up supplies and collect stock data. Despite operating in a very challenging environment, the Delivery Team Topping Up (DTTU) system made deliveries for more than ten years with very little interruption, maintaining high delivery coverage and very low stockout rates of mostly less than 5 percent. This successful VMI solution was replicated in multiple other countries, including Nigeria, Senegal, and Mozambique.

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