Implementing to Scale

Designing and building robust and responsive national supply chains.

The project worked with ministries of health to design and build more robust and responsive supply chains. To progress from testing new solutions to scaling up successful systems nationally, the project brought national partners to consensus and put in place long-term visions for national supply chain management. In many countries, the project redesigned supply chains, verified the solutions through pilot testing, and rolled out the systems to national scale.

In Ethiopia, the project developed and implemented a comprehensive Health Commodity Management Information System, which enables the government to ensure a steady flow of health products to its population. Built by in-country software developers, the system is designed for the local context and delivers many of the features found in costly commercial supply chain management solutions. The system was rolled out to health facilities and Pharmaceuticals Fund and Supply Agency warehouses nationwide; it contributes to improved supply chain performance by increasing the visibility of supply and demand data at all levels of the system, enabling managers to make better and faster decisions.