Contraceptive Security Indicators

The systematic tracking of contraceptive security (CS) indicators can be an effective way for in-country stakeholders to regularly monitor their country's CS status to inform decisionmaking, advocacy, and program planning. It also provides an opportunity for stakeholders to look at trends across countries related to the five component areas measured: leadership and coordination, finance and procurement, commodities,  policies, and supply chain.

In 2015, the USAID | DELIVER PROJECT conducted it seventh annual data collection of CS Indicators from 49 countries. On this page you can find CS Indicator dashboards, papers, data and maps.

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CS Indicator Map

Notes on the Mapped Indicators

  • Government budget line item for contraceptives?
    Respondents were asked to respond yes if a budget line item exists, whether or not funds were allocated/spent.

  • Amount of government spending
    Government funds include internally generated funds, basket funds, World Bank credits or loans, and other funds that donors gave to the government for their use. This can include cases where the ministry funded contraceptive supply for NGOs or social marketing.

  • Total financing for public sector contraceptives
    This includes funding from all sources--government funds (defined above), Global Fund grants, and in-kind donations.

  • Is there a CS committee and how often did it meet?
    A committee should have some aspect of contraceptive security as part of its terms of reference, even if it is known by a different name, for example: Family Planning, Reproductive Health, Maternal Mortality, Essential Medicine Committee, etc.

  • Number of methods offered
    Countries were surveyed on 11 common methods: combined oral contraceptives, progestin only pills, injectables, implants, intrauterine devices, male condoms, female condoms, emergency contraceptive pills, vasectomy, and tubal ligation.

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