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Leadership in Supply Chain Management and Commodity Security

The USAID | DELIVER PROJECT, in partnership with ministries of health and other organizations, improves health outcomes in developing countries by increasing the availability of health supplies. For more than 30 years, USAID has been a world leader in providing contraceptives and condoms to field programs--a critical component of health program success.

Using best practices and innovative approaches, the project develops and implements robust logistics solutions, fosters supportive commodity security environments, procures and ships health commodities, and partners with local organizations to build sustainable capacity. 

The project creates tools and resources that target diverse audiences from policymakers to community health workers. All resources are available for download in the Resources section of this website. A few of our key resources are listed below:

 Logistics Handbook

The Logistics Handbook
The project's Logistics Handbook (PDF 7.2 MB), updated in 2011, offers an introduction to logistics as well as practical guidance for managing various aspects of a public health supply chain. The handbook is also available in FrenchSpanish, Portuguese, and Hindi.

Distance Learning
To help logisticians gain the skills they need, the USAID | DELIVER PROJECT developed a series of computer-based training courses in supply chain management. The courses are free of charge and students earn a certificate of completion when they finish all course sections. Course components include--

  • Introduction to Logistics
  • Logistics Management Information Systems
  • Assessing Stock Status
  • Maximum-Minimum Inventory Controls Systems
  • Selecting Maximum-Minimum Inventory Controls Systems
  • Storage of Health Commodities
  • Assessing Logistics Systems
  • Quantification of Health Commodities.

The courses are available online at JSI's e-Learning site or you can request a CD by contacting

Video Resources
Through short, distance learning videos, developed by the USAID | DELIVER PROJECT, logisticians around the world can build their professional capacities. The videos focus on technical information for various supply chain management topics, including forecasting and disposal of unusable commodities.
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Introduction to Logistics
New to logistics? Follow the supply chain step by step.

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