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The USAID | DELIVER PROJECT, a U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)-funded project, improves the availability of essential health pharmaceuticals and other health commodities by strengthening local supply chains, improving logistics management information systems, streamlining distribution systems, identifying financial resources for procurement and supply chain operation, enhancing forecasting and procurement planning, and providing centralized procurement services.

USAID has tasked the project with negotiating and awarding contracts for essential health supplies, such as contraceptives, condoms, personal protective equipment for avian influenza control, anti-malarial medicines, and others, which are procured by the project for USAID or by USAID’s central commodity procurement system.

Using a range of contractual mechanisms, USAID will continue providing quality commodities at competitive prices, adding value and responsiveness for its customers in the field. The project will continue to support USAID’s leadership as a provider of commodities for health programs.

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