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Quantification Toolkit Developed by the Project Is Now Available on the K4Health Website
September 02, 2016

photo of Quantification of Public Health Commodities Toolkit

Quantification is a key logistics function, involving forecasting and supply planning, that helps mobilize and allocate the resources necessary for the procurement of public health commodities. In the interest of building and strengthening the capacity of individuals and organizations, the Quantification of Public Health Commodities Toolkit is now available on the K4Health website.

The toolkit was created by the JSI-managed USAID | DELIVER PROJECT. Included with the toolkit are handbooks and guides, databases, software applications, videos, and other useful tools. The commodities discussed within these resources fall into the following general public health areas:

  • Family Planning
  • Reproductive, Maternal, and Child Health
  • Malaria
  • Tuberculosis
  • Laboratory
  • Community Case Management
  • Vaccines

This toolkit is for anyone directly or indirectly involved in the quantification of public health commodities, including logisticians, pharmacists, health services providers, public health professionals, program managers, researchers, trainers, and students.

Access the Quantification of Public Health Commodities Toolkit on the K4Health website.

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