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World Health Worker Week, April 3-10, 2016: Honoring the Service of Health Workers
April 01, 2016

World Health Worker WeekHealth Worker Week recognizes the vital services that nurses, doctors, and other health care professionals provide every day. In addition to their highly valuable and visible medical duties, care givers in developing countries are often responsible for behind-the-scenes logistics to make sure that needed drugs and other health supplies are available. Yet many health professionals have not been trained in these critical and complex activities. As part of the USAID | DELIVER PROJECT’s commitment to making life-saving products available consistently, the project builds health professionals’ capacity in supply chain management at the last mile of the supply chain.

Over the years, the project has worked with pharmacy and nursing school programs in Ethiopia, Ghana, Mozambique, Nicaragua, Tanzania, Malawi, Pakistan, Rwanda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe to incorporate health commodity supply chain management into health professional training. Most recently, the project established a new certificate program in supply chain management for last-year pharmacy students at two universities in Ghana, and has succeeded in making supply chain pre-service training (PST) a mandatory part of all schools of pharmacy and nursing in the country.

In a new publication, Building a Strong Supply Chain Workforce: The Role of Pre-Service Training, the project provides guidance for countries and other entities seeking to incorporate supply chain management pre-service training into their own health care curricula. Other capacity-building initiatives include online and in-person training courses, videos, working with governments and other organizations to build leadership in supply chain management, developing guidance for recruiting and retaining supply chain personnel, and providing supportive supervision.

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