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Welcome to the My Commodities section of the USAID | DELIVER PROJECT website. This section provides registered users with real-time information about shipments of health supplies, contraceptives, condoms, personal protective equipment for avian influenza control, and anti-malarial medicines, and others which are procured by the project for USAID or by USAID’s central commodity procurement system.

To see your shipment data, make sure you are logged in and then click "View Shipments" at the upper left.

NB. The information in My Commodities does not represent all USAID-funded inventory, orders, or shipments on behalf of the Office of Reproductive Health or the President's Malaria Initiative. Additional inventory, orders, and shipments are managed under the new GHSC-Procurement and Supply Management mechanism. In general, the USAID | DELIVER PROJECT is responsible for delivery of orders through September 30, 2016 while orders delivered after that date will be delivered by the new GHSC-Procurement and Supply Management mechanism; however, there are some exceptions to this for both the USAID | DELIVER PROJECT and the GHSC-Procurement and Supply Management mechanism.

To place new orders and modify existing orders for condoms and contraceptives, please reach out to the CSL country backstop.

Report data in "My Commodities" is updated daily at 7:00am, 12:00pm, and 7:00pm EDT.

Map Of Countries JSI works in.


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